La posada del agua y fuego

Géraldine, founder and designer of Posada, responsible for the solidarity project

In 2010, Géraldine discovers Muyil & Chemuyil and falls in love with this territory.

She feels like home and wants to share it.

The idea is clear: attracted by eco-tourism for some time, she discovered the bio-diversity of the place and the Mayan community of Muuch Xiimbal. Then comes the desire to participate in the development of the children of the community by allowing their parents to make a living on the spot, thanks to the reception of tourists respectful of their environment within an eco-resort.

In 2012, Géraldine was fortunate enough to be able to buy land and begin her life as an adventurous Mexican entrepreneur.

Her goals :

Invent, design, build and build a beautiful place and beautiful buildings.

Practice a fair eco-tourism, Maya work and allow them to receive our customers in the little paradise I have created.

Satisfy its customers by offering them a unique product that makes them feel good.

Thanks to the solidarity of my clients, set up different projects for the children of Muuch Xiibaal and surroundings (canteen, participate in holiday camps, secondary school for some, etc.)



 Bar & restaurant (see opening days)



Contact us 

From Mexico : +52 1 984 188 4656

From France : 06 26 02 01 74

Mail : geraldine.henrard@posadadelaguayfuego.net

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Chemuyil, Mexico. 

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